Hot Tub operation instructions and safety guidance.

Health & Safety guidance

The first section of this document deals with safe use of the hot tub to which your party has access. Please read this section before moving onto operation instructions section. An adult member of your party will be required to sign to demonstrate that the following document has been read, understood and will be adhered to by all party members, prior to access being permitted and hot tub can be used.
The tub is of timber (Spruce) construction. It has a log burning stove type heat exchanger and as such needs to be treated with the upmost respect and care. The tub will be monitored prior to your arrival and PH & Chlorine levels maintained to ensure water quality. If the following guidance is followed the tub will provide perfectly safe and healthy outdoor bathing.
Please adhere to the following guidance at all times to ensure your health and safety:
• At no time should children be allowed to use the tub while unattended. The tub is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
• It is strongly recommended that the tub is not used for lone bathing or that another adult is at least within sight and earshot of the tub.
• Party members with history of heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes, stroke or blood pressure should consult a doctor before using tub. Similarly party members on medication that cause drowsiness (see information with medication), with any physical / mental disability, that are pregnant or that are in any way infirm should consult a doctor before using tub and should be accompanied by another adult.
• Do not use tub while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics (recreational drugs) and do not consume such while using tub.
• No glasses to be used in the tub and no drink or food consumed.
• No soaps, detergents or hair products to be used in tub.
• No pets allowed in tub
• Do not drink the water or urinate in tub.
• Check temperature of water (thermometer supplied) before entering tub, this should not exceed 104 degrees F. For prolonged periods of bathing and when used by small children and the elderly a lower temperature is recommended (98 – 100 deg F).
• Party members with infection to any part of the body or with open sores or wounds should not use the tub to avoid spreading infection.
• If bathers feel unwell or suffer any skin discomfort they should exit the tub immediately. If any bathers develop rashes of any kind these should be reported to the cabin owner and bathing should cease until rash has cleared.
• All users must shower before and after use. This reduces risk of spreading infections and also removes natural and applied chemicals (eg perspiration and lotions) that can reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants that are present in the water.
• The tub will be carefully maintained and water tested / treated before your arrival but if you notice any abnormality to the water (eg cloudiness, odor) please report to cabin owner immediately. Level of use, weather conditions and cleanliness of bathers can all affect the disinfectant (chlorine) efficiency.
• A fire extinguisher is provided in cabin. Always keep this close by when stove is alight but do not leave outside over night or during inclement weather. Call 999 in the event of a fire (other than in stove box) starting and getting out of control.
• Always follow correct procedure (see operating instructions) for lighting and burning stove and do not allow children to operate such. Do not touch stove box or chimney flue and always use glove supplied to lift stove lid. Do not leave tub unattended while stove is alight.
• Only empty ashes from stove box when completely cold.
• No more than 2 bathers at any given time.
• If burning material or sparks exit the chimney allow fire to die down slightly, especially during dry conditions and if wind is blowing towards cabin or adjacent trees. Use hose supplied to damp down adjacent cabin wall and grass surrounding tub during prolonged dry periods.
• Always replace lid to tub when not in use.
• Always make sure water level is between 50mm & 200mm from top of tub. If level drops below minimum and needs filling please contact cabin owner first. Appropriate chemicals may need adding as part of the filling process.
• The base around and steps into tub can become slippery. Please take special care to prevent slips and falls.
• Please no diving, jumping in, splashing or general horse play in and around tub.
• Do not burn anything in stove apart from logs supplied and paper to start fire.
• Please remember that tub is for relaxed bathing only.

Operating instructions

Now that we’ve taken care of the serious bit it’s time to tell you how to operate and enjoy your Snorkel hot tub:
• You will be supplied with a starter kit which includes 2 bags of logs and kindling. Additional logs can be supplied by our House Keeper at additional cost.
• First check that water level is between 50 & 200mm from top of tub. The stove box will be damaged if water level is not above the upper hose inlet from stove.
• Open door and set fire in metal stove box as follows. Place several pieces of scrunched up newspaper (see House Keeper if required) in base of stove, cover with a generous amount of dry kindling and small logs in a criss-cross pattern.
• Light stove using match or lighter, with vents in door fully open. To increase airflow you can also pull ash draw out slightly or leave door open ajar.
• As fire gets a hold gradually load with larger logs until burning well. Load the stove as full as possible initially to start water heating. Choke fire back a little if burning embers / sparks come from chimney by closing door, ash tray and vents. Keep fire well loaded until water is approximately 10 degrees below desired temperature (approx. 95 deg F), then let fire burn down a little, so as not to overheat water. Smaller logs work best to get rapid heat into tub but larger logs are better when tub has reached temperature and just needs maintaining.
• You can adjust vents in stove door to alter air flow into stove, thus controlling ferocity of fire. When extinguishing fire close vents completely.
• Remove lid to test water. Replacing lid between tests will help water warm up quicker. Take care that lid does not drop into tub. There is a thermometer in tub.
• Stir water occasionally (paddle supplied) and keep fire burning until water reaches desired temperature. Recommended temperature is between 98 & 104 deg F (see H&S guidance). Initial heating of water may take several hours, especially in cold conditions but subsequent heating should be much quicker, as water will retain heat for several days.
• Remove lid to start bathing. DOUBLE CHECK THAT WATER IS NOT TOO HOT.
• Enter tub via steps and use benches inside tub to sit on. Please wear swimming costumers or shorts used exclusively for bathing only.
• If drain in bottom of tub is accidentally opened please close immediately.
• Load stove conservatively and reduce airflow for slow burn to maintain temperature. The water will retain heat well so do not overload stove or water will overheat.
• Fire can be kept burning if you wish to use tub again later in the day but do not leave unattended.
• To extinguish fire, close vents, ash tray and door and allow fire to die down. Do not put water in stove box.
• Remove ash from stove box with hand shovel supplied when completely cold. This will improve efficiency of stove when next used. A metal bucket is supplied for ash.
• When not in use always leave stove door closed and tub lid on.
• Should any damages be caused to the tub or contamination occur to water as a result of failure to follow above instruction you will be charged for resultant costs. The water is tested regularly.
If you have ordered the use of tub while staying in cabin you and your party members will be deemed to have read and understood the above instructions and agree to adhere to such. The cost of any damage to tub or contamination to water as a result of failure will be charged to yourselves.